Mother of M – Boy aged 12yrs – via Skype

M is keen to do it again he has already called his dad to tell him how much he enjoyed talking to you so thank you again from the bottom of my heart…he is such a lovely boy and just want him to see and believe it too.

Hi Judy he had a good day and said he used his anchor a couple of times and the internal reference…was a bit disappointed with his maths test…66% because he got 70% last time….asked him had he done his best…yes mum.

He also helped his classmate with their cookery test and she was really grateful so he was delighted with that.

Thanks again Judy, just being taught about reframing…a skill that I think M could really benefit from….tends to be a half empty as opposed to half full….

Dad of A – Boy aged 10yrs – via Skype

You seem to have made a very positive impression with him, he is excited about working with you. Thank you for the time you put in with him, I know he got a lot of value from those interactions.

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you ….. and thank you for your time with Tom last Wednesday. What do I owe you for your time?

I think he certainly benefits from reminders of how to keep focused, otherwise he has a tendency to slip back to his ‘old’ ways … but the positive feedback from his teachers at school have boosted his confidence and he can see the results of his ‘new’ ways, which should spur him on further.

Here is a paragraph from T:
Talking to Judy has helped me to re-focus and change my attitude to work, as I start my A2 year at school.  A few new ideas and ways of looking at my life have made a noticeable difference.

Many thanks for your help and support.

Mother of O aged 13yrs

Thanks for that. O did say she was quite out of her comfort zone & thought it wasn’t really “her thing” ! However, she did ask me later on if I would drop her off in the High Street so she could hook up with T. He wasn’t there when we arrived & she was quite happy for me to leave her, which is a big step forward!

Book Reviews

I’ve read Chapter One and think it’s very good.  It’s very powerful and covers a lot in just a few pages.  I particularly like the part where friend/parent input is required.  If a child/teenager fully engages, thinks about the questions and answers with honesty - it will be life-changing for them.

Great work, Judy, that’s really all I want to say, your passion comes across in every sentence!
Keep it up :-)
PS: I am mother to a 3 1/2 year old and NLP coach-in-the-making!!!!

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